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Let's work together to become stars. 


It's cool to win the paid job, but you might not leave empty handed, we have cool prizes for you. If you get selected to audition you automatically receive cool prizes for your efforts. this applies to auditions for paid work not evaluations.

1) : You are not guaranteed Auditions, this is like playing the lotto for fame, pay, and a career. If selected to audition, you are not guaranteed to win, selections are based on multiple criterias that are different for each audition. keep in mind that there will be a lot of opportunities, but you have to have the necessary skill level required. 

2) : You will be able to get paid, then win an audition, then get paid again. this is because if you refer a business or person for any of the services we provide, you will get a commission as a sales agent if they choose to hire us, you will have to sign a contract, and then if you win the audition, and complete the project, you get paid for the project. Sounds awesome but it's not unless you like getting paid twice. 

3) By signing up as a Member you will be agreeing to our confidentiality Agreement, this is important because it protects our clients, it protects MIS, and it is very serious, please research this in advance.

4) you might have qualifying  auditions that will help us to advance you in categories that are paying more. This will mostly be determined by your skill level. 

5) You might be advised to get training and to practice often, Reasons could be based on two things, you are not good and require a lot of work, or your are really good and require understanding of what we are looking for, either way its will be advised.

6) You are not allowed to tell anyone about what is said or done in the audition, or who was there, you are not allowed to record anything at all, in any kind of format, Audio, video, notes. You are not allowed take pictures or use your phone, while in an audition session. this is to protect our clients and this company. 

7) You should not let a lot of people know you have an audition, this will benefit you in different ways, you won't be asked to give information that you are not allowed to give, because they do not know you had an audition, you will not have to deal with the effects of not getting chosen yet, if you do not win it is fine, it is not something that you should let negatively affect you, it is ok to not win, and especially if you gave it your all, that's all that matters, that's what you can be proud of, not telling anyone about the audition will lessen the effects of not winning, and it will help you avoid being targeted by those who might be jealous, they might verbally assault you or even worst, this is advice not required, but it tends to work best when additional pressure is not added to the circumstance.

8) The auditioner is their to evaluate and provide information, please be nice if you are selected, this could affect your chances, be forward and personal, don't be shy, this is what will help you to get to the level you need to be, it will definitely affect the impression the auditioner gets if you're shy, and you might end up negatively evaluated, conduct yourself as if no one else is there. Do the things that will win the auditioner over. Put your best foot forward, and perform the best you can.

9) you will be required to take a lie detector test and health test at anytime. this is only necessary in certain circumstances.

10) you must leave the premises of any location that is being used by MIS if there comes a time that you are asked by someone with authority. If required please just leave without any problems, why ? this will give you a chance to be able to come back after investigation of the circumstance. Anyone not abiding by these rules will be forcefully removed if required, or arrested if required. this is why professional conduct is needed at all times, if you are in a circumstance to defend yourself, first try to mediate, if not working defend yourself. but remember that the best course of action is to get yourself out of the situation, and then report the incident right away. we want professional conduct always and hope to enjoy working together, so all staff and support are obligated to conduct themselves professionally and to do whats right.

11) Any criminal actions will be reported and punished to the full extent, we want to create work locations that are secure and void of any problems that can halt or interrupt business, it also will negatively affect you getting more work. it is best to restrain yourself from doing anything wrong, the consequences will be severe.

12) Travel is sometimes required and can also be out of the normal commute distances, please expect that this is a possibility and that it will sometimes require out of country locations, if possible try to keep an updated passport and or visa if necessary, all documents required will depend on the location.

13) You might win auditions for paid jobs that will require you to work more than the standard jobs, meaning multiple events, please expect this to be a possibility, if you are not able to live up to this requirement please let it be known in advance, if not you will be required to pay a fine, this is in the event you waste our time and money when it could have been avoided. by signing up you are agreeing to this, please be professional and let us know in advance. Reasons you could be required to do multiple features, well it could be different reasons but mostly because of marketing tactics requiring a lot more events, shoots, episodes, and so on.

14) You are required to dress appropriately at all times, including wearing tights under your dress and skirts, not exposing your body, there are many reasons this can affect you and the companies you are selected to audition for, its best to dress modestly and not wear anything  inappropriate that you might be seen in, our research shows that the concept of exposing your body to get attention can negatively affect the company and even the person, a lot of people with morals will not deem it appropriate even though they are not voicing their option and it will cause negative effects. so this can cost you and the clients money and cause you to lose a lot of opportunities.