International Society



Are you interested in volunteering? We have volunteer programs that allow you to learn while assisting in Training sessions. This could also lead into an opportunity to teach, you will need to have a pleasant personality, willing to learn and able to teach, we require patient, understanding personalities that know how to treat others while still being authoritative, this meaning you will not yell or talk in a loud angry tone, but will politely instruct and continue to guide students in the right way to behave. Volunteers also have the pleasure of assisting in Events, and Marketing Promotions for MIS, this will allow for boosting your chances of auditioning based on points received for volunteering which is redeemable for auditions, along with getting in the MIS volunteer Magazine which highlights volunteers and their achievements, we will also provide letter of recommendation to all volunteers that spend a specific amount of time volunteering. The number one benefit of this is that you're able to spend time assisting and benefiting someone else's life.  

For information on volunteering please send an email to MIS from the AskMisNow@Gmail.Com address providing your contact information, details on why you would like to volunteer, and information on which training sessions, or MIS fundraising foundation you would like to volunteer. MIS Foundations provide training of different types to adults : women & children so they might be able to use the knowledge learned to provide for themselves.