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What we help you with.

If you require any of the things listed, contact us, we know how it should be. Professional photo shoot, Video Shoot, Training, we can provide these services, Membership pricing depends on the time, amount of pictures, amount of outfits, and scenes, they are provided at specific membership levels. Check below for details on how it works.


These are used to Represent your best interest, the better the quality the better your chances of succeeding, this means you’re going to need to practice, and get in great shape, you will need to take profile pictures and glamour pictures, they are what the auditioner will use to select you for auditions for paid work or auditions to evaluate your level, this will either move you up to get you auditions for better paying work or leave you at the level you are, any other pictures uploaded that aren't of this criteria does not have to be professionally done and if it is explicit you will need to ensure that no one else sees it and that you're the one taking these, if you send these types of videos and pictures please do not put them on your Facebook, your Facebook page must have modest pictures, and make sure your mis Facebook page is private, and keep your login to your Facebook private. We create PhotoShoots that will consist of Profile and Glamour, you will be able to go and get this done by setting an appointment. Please dress appropriately, do not expose your body, and conduct yourself professionally, select modest attire for your glamour shot, nothing that is string only, or has the potential to cause your body to be exposed, you can be successful without exposing your body, you're pretty much set, because if your skills and talent are good enough your chances of being selected are high because of good morals that allows you the opportunity, exposing your body only creates negative effects and it also seem desperate or unqualified so now you're trying cheap tricks, ( just the way it's really viewed even if not said ), this is not the effect we desire, this will not benefit us, you, and any company that requires our services.


This is used in audition selection, we create runway video shoots that will allow for you to walk the runway as you really would in the real world, and this is also a chance to pose different poses that benefits selections for advertising work. You do not have to be tall or slender, the video gives the auditioner a chance to see you in action, and we are selecting different body types, not just slender or tall, there is a lot of advertising and Magazine work for different body types, why? because modeling is about clothes, it's not about exposing your body, it's about creating something awesome with clothes, so who buys closes, a lots of body types. So we believe that it is appropriate to have every body type that will be purchasers of clothing be represented. We call it Reality Modeling, but keep in mind, we select based on the client's preference for what they want the marketing concept to be, so chances are good, there are many different looks required for advertising, websites, and magazines, we also select for marketing events, film, extras, so you can be hired as a brand representative, extra, or promotional distributor. All nonprofit work will be on a volunteer basis.


This is to enhance your chances of getting the most out of this opportunity, it will provide you the foundation work to being a professional, and it will build the fundamentals to developing your own style, with the right guidance you can build your professional style and mindset.

Sign up for classes: this will provide you with 10 hours a month, it will be additional for more hours.

What’s included: class on professional conduct for interviews, working on set, and life in general, foundation modeling techniques, creative development techniques, slight mishaps training, and lessons in photography, hair, makeup, equipment, video, stylist, production, and understanding the full picture of a photo and video shoot. Why? This gives you an edge, you're able to know what's taking place and now can adapt to the circumstance which will benefit the production staff and photographers, this also give you the chance to get paid after learning how to do it. For example, you could also be hired to work on set if you're not booked for a job or volunteering, great chance to keep earning in the same industry.


Payment is structured as Membership fees, if you require services, your membership for that month will increase to reflect the regular fee plus the addition membership fees for the services you choose to use. Example: if you choose to use the Photo Shoot Options, that is a higher membership cost, but only for the Month you use it, for the amount you use. This way you won't have to pay a high monthly fee for the services provided every month. The services are provisional based on the membership fees you pay, so your training is provided but only for those that pay the membership fees for access to the provisions they choose to use. Example: $10 a month member, chooses to get some training, they select 10 hours a month training, let's say it cost their membership cost for using the provision is $10 Plus $1,000,000. All the members that selected to use that provision for the same amount of time will pay the same monthly membership cost based on their membership level. Then they can either continue to pay that membership cost if they want to continue to use the provisions or the next month they can go back to the $10 a month member fees with no access to the privileges provided for members that paid to have the use of those privileges. (The increased membership fees used are just examples)

Let's work together to become stars. 


It's cool to win the paid job, but you might not leave empty handed, we got cool prizes for you. If you get selected to audition you automatically get cool prizes for your efforts. this applies to auditions for paid work not evaluations.