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To become a Member you must sign up, then you will be contacted by one of our staff to confirm the sign up. After confirmation of sign up, we will ask what type of membership you would like, then we will send you a payment request via PayPal or you can set up a payment from your bank directly to Models International Society ( recommended ). Why your bank? Well it's widely known that the services provided by your bank are safe and allows for mediation, that protects us, but it also protects your best interest, it's a balanced arrangement, so you can set up an auto pay from your bank to Models International Society which is a lot safer for you and allows assistance from your bank. we prefer the bank method because it will also eliminates unnecessary fees, but we also can send an invoice allowing you to pay through PayPal.   

Who is Required ?

If you have the desire to work in the industry you can sign up to become a Member and get the things needed to become a professional. 

Any Body Type, Gender, or Age can become a member, it's easy to accomplish if  you put the effort in and take the first step by becoming a Member. Ex : Models and Actors that are little people can audition for normal roles and roles that are scripted for children ( in such a case, said models or actors must look  like children depending on the script ), you will have to audition against other models, actors and children. 

Types of Membership

The standard Membership is for anyone, but it will usually apply to those that are just starting out, and have not gained a lot of knowledge, the auditions are the same for everyone, but it's going to be difficult for you to win in certain types of categories so training is recommended, if selected you can audition and if you win then awesome, but you will most likely win with the simpler categories instead of auditions with professionals, it is possible though, why? Natural talent, skills, and so forth. Example: a magazine ad. it's going to have Models or Talents selected based on what the ad is about, so for instance it needs different body types and so on, the auditioner will select from what is seen in the pictures and the video based on the criteria needed, so the auditioner is going to choose based on what is seen from your portfolio, that means it could be a standard or a professional member selected, now it gets tough, because you have to now audition against the models that are either standard or professional, get why it's tough? if you have not really practiced and not spent time knowing what happens and experiencing it often, you're going to be less able to bring it, so your chance are a little lower, but by no means impossible. Let’s just say it's possible to be naturally talented enough to grace the front cover after winning for an ad somewhere in the back of the magazine, awesome. Our advice is to sign up with us for classes and for your photos and video, you will learn what's need, and see firsthand how we do things, this will increase your chances with us, because you have a better idea of what we want.

Standard membership : $29.99 per child per month

Includes Limited portfolio page. Kids volunteer price $20, request volunteer price.

Let's work together to become stars. 


It's cool to win the paid job, but you might not leave empty handed, we got cool prizes for you. If you get selected to audition you automatically get cool prizes for your efforts. this applies to auditions for paid work not evaluations.

All Professional Memberships come with a Professional Portfolio page we use during selection. ( if you are a pro, subscribe to pro to avoid losing opportunity ) 

Pro Member Fee  $129 per person per month | Non Pro Adult $99 per month

Any Professional that volunteers 6 months will receive the next year at $69 per Month

Level - 1 : you are considered level one if you have had some training and have been practicing for more than three months.

Level - 2 : you are considered level two if you have had formal training and have been practicing for more than three months, and has some work  experience. 

Level - 3 : you are considered level three if  you have had a lot of training and practice and is working in any of the industries you have registered, at level three if you are selected you will typically get private auditions for special projects that are requiring top professionals only. 

Volunteer Pricing $69 per month per Person. ( Request Volunteer Pricing, requires 6 month Volunteer commitment  )

Our members get first priority for auditions. We select from our member list for the requirements needed for the paid work, our members get to Audition against each other before auditions are extended to the public, if a member is selected then the audition will not be extended to public.