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What we help you with.

If you require any of the things listed, contact us. Professional photo shoot, Video, Training, we can provide these services, Membership pricing depends on the time, amount of pictures, amount of outfits, and scenes. visit the info page for details.


This is used in audition selection, we create runway video shoots that will allow for you to walk the runway as you really would in the real world, and this is also a chance to pose different poses that benefits selections for advertising work. You do not have to be tall or slender, the video give the auditioner a chance to see you in action, and we are selecting different body types, not just slender or tall, there is a lot of advertising and Magazine work for different body types, why? because modeling is about clothes, it's not about exposing your body, it's about creating something awesome with clothes, so who buys closes, a lots of body types. So we believe that it is appropriate to have every body type that will be purchasers of clothing be represented. We call it Reality Modeling, but keep in mind, we select based on the client's preference for what they want the marketing concept to be, so chances are good, there are many different looks required for advertising, websites, and magazines, we also select for marketing events, film, extras, so you can be hired as a brand representative, extra, or promotional distributor. All nonprofit work will be on a volunteer basis.


This is to enhance your chances of getting the most out of this opportunity, it will provide you the foundation work to being a professional, and it will build the fundamentals to developing your own style, with the right guidance you can build your professional style and mindset.

Sign up for classes: this will provide you with 10 hours a month, it will be additional for more hours. What’s included: class on professional conduct for interviews, working on set, and life in general, foundation modeling techniques, creative development techniques, slight mishaps training, and lessons in photography, hair styles, makeup, equipment, video, clothing stylist, production, and understanding the full picture of a photo and video shoot. Why? This gives you an edge, you're able to know what's taking place and now can adapt to the circumstance which will benefit the production staff and photographers, this also give you the chance to get paid after learning how to do it. For example, you could also be hired to work on set if you're not booked for a job or volunteering, great chance to keep earning in the same industry.


Participate in the Marketing efforts: this means that you're required to share things that we post, why? it benefits you in the way of ensuring clients want to use this venue, it will almost help ensure there's a lot of paid work available, plus those that participate will earn points that will create audition passes, these passes will get you an audition, it's possible to earn more than one pass and the pass can get you landed on set at one of our photo shoots, you will be working and it will be paid. Like free stuff? Winning passes gets you free stuff, we will put together a package of some of our client’s products and it's will be sent to you.


This is Required and will benefit you in many ways, one it looks good on any Resume, Two it will help you to understand more of the world and it will help you feel good about yourself, don't have a use in the world, don't worry, this helps you to learn a lot about things that you have not been able to participate in. for instance, learning to cook, you can learn and then teach, you can help collect funds for use in the Nonprofit, even if your just good at English, you can volunteer to assist teaching and or teaching based on your evaluated skill level, you will have the full course structured for you, sounds great, awesome, the children you will teach will think so also, they will in turn use this skill to work when they are of age instead of not having an option. You will be a role model and a friend, you will learn a lot and create a positive effect on your life.


You are required to keep good health, this means eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting lots of sleep, this will benefit your face and body, try to keep your body ph. balanced, the more acidic the body the more unhealthy you are, do use colon flush to cleanse your body of built up waste and toxins, it's sold at pharmacies for less than a dollar per bottle and have been used throughout history, best you can do it on your own and wear gloves use bottle and gloves once. keep your teeth clean, floss, and mouthwash, why ? Because the mouth is the top cause of bad health, tooth infections which is not a health problem that is transferable like a disease is able to affect your entire body, your organs become inflamed and swollen, it creates peeing problems, shortness of breath, obviously if the organs are swollen they are not able to function correctly, even the stomach, but it's not a health problem that will affect others, just yourself, kind of like cancer, so no need to worry. We do require specific test because you will be working with others and it can be dangerous at times, so we need to know what procedure need to be taken in the event, this does not affect you in getting the audition or winning the job.

Help in health

For exercise try the Brazilian butt lift workout, it will slenderize and tighten your body, but add a little lift to your butt, or any other workout that will create the same effect.

Do cleanses that work, drink fiber daily, or as advised by the maker, take vitamins, fish oils to help your focus (chicken of the sea, sardines!) had an amazing effect mentally, might even make you smarter, but different brands make capsules that are available, buy the odorless.

Don't expose your body, wear shirt and shorts to the beach to swim with bathing suit under it, and use self-tanners with vitamins and the essentials the sun provides. It's good to have morals and decency, it benefits you mentally and emotionally so be nice unless you need to defend yourself, wear tights under your skirts and dresses. Don't tell anyone about your modeling or achievements, there is a possibility they are likely to try to negatively affect you, so unfortunately it's best not to draw attention to it, the reality is "you don't have friends, just enemies that are close to you", they will mislead, sabotage, influence you into doing things that will negatively affect you, and even use tactics like giving drink or food that is going to cause you harm, so be aware, before an event or even not at all, don't drink or eat things people give you. Be nice but learn to spot the signs that they aren't really your friends, then limit your interaction. They purposely act nice to get you to drop your guard, to them your competition or someone that they're jealous of, so focus on learning and a career and don't be around people in the capacity to give them the chance to harm you, this applies to all ages. Those on their guard are more likely to avoid, than those that are not. (These are serious realities that happen in all industries and life) Not sure? ask a model, performer, singer, actor, or your families, even families can turn out to be enemies, so be on your guard, ask your parents if it's true that things like this happen, don't go to people's homes, unless your parents are there, don't hang out with friends, go home and focus on school and your career or have your parents go with you to the library so you and your friends can hang out. We want you to be successful and we want to ensure you avoid the pitfalls in life, if someone is telling you the opposite then they most likely don't have your best interest at heart. it's not about fun it's about being safe, being around people that won't do wrong against you, and enjoying life the safe way, if you're with someone that will not do wrong against you, then it's safe you can be with them alone, by all means have all the fun you're allowed to, but if not, then don't be around them. Focus on learning, career, exercise, training in self-defense, Sign up for classes with us and spend the time on something that benefits you. Talk on the phone, text, don't do anything inappropriate, and always keep your home locked up. That’s it, be safe, and best of luck in your career, if you need assistance contact us.


The first thing you must do is Sign Up to Become a Member, once you have paid, we will send you an email address, if you have, you must send in your Pictures and videos to Models International Society including your name, contact information, and a brief Bio about yourself and work history, we will then create a portfolio that we will use to select from. If you do not have contact us, we provide these services, ( Professional Pictures and video must not have anything explicit or of you exposing your body, dress modest and create a good style, don't do anything that can be used against you later and or stop you from participating ) anything you choose to send of explicit nature must be kept private, you must be the one filming and no one else is to know about it, you are to be the only one in it, you must be 18 years of age, it happens so we decided to provide info on how to secure it so it won't affect your chances of participating and or so it won't be used against you. Next you must friend the Models International Society FaceBook Page & Group. In order for you to participate you must abide by the policies of Mis or Models International Society, these are set to protect you and ensure that you won't do anything that will compromise your participating, please do not have anything explicit on your facebook page. You are required as a member to share all post with your friends from MIS, this benefits you by ensuring our clients want to participate, which allow for more opportunities for those that want the auditions, None of your social media or anything else is to show anything inappropriate, why? In case they can be used to stop you from generating income or be used against you in other ways.

Photo : Video : Training : Portfolio

We provide these services and know how it should be, if you need assistance contact us, we will provide the membership cost increase for use of these services, which will be required in full for that month or scheduled over a few months . You will receive a full package per the package you desire, including pictures or video, also included is hair, stylist, and some directions in posing, Things you provide include talent, clothing, makeup, accessories and you are to prepare yourself alone, this means wear things that will not require help.

Policies & Life Lessons 

If you are to participate and create a career, It is Recommended that you do not break rules and stipulations, you should avoid entering into a relationship, having sex, sexual contact, getting pregnant, partaking in parties or clubs, drink alcohol, exposing your body, participating in dangerous activities, staying out late, taking pictures that are sexually explicit that can be seen by others or used against you, any picture or videos of this sort uploaded to Mis must only be seen by you only and you must be 18 years of age, you must not get involved in fights, dress inappropriately in public or be in a circumstance to be seen or photographed inappropriately, partake in illegal drugs or crime. these things can affect your decision in life, this will affect your career, and anyone else that is involved in your career, many case studies show that those in relationships were influenced to not continue with their career, or to not show up to jobs, or did things that caused harm to their bodies, or created a dramatic life changing experience that was unwanted at the time, this will affect a lot of people with time and money invested, and ruin your career, it also show that those that had potential regretted not taking their career seriously and wished they never entered into a relationship, did things that was later used against them, or partake in activities that ended up negatively affecting them, this is just an example but the rest are all factors that can cause harm, Many professionals have to train continuously, this means that anything that can affect their minds is not allowed, in fact, others that compete against them used these tactics to gain an edge, it can be the difference between winning and losing, Example : they might have people pretend to be your friends only to mislead you into doing things that will ruin your chances, that benefits them because they most likely have someone that they wanted to win, hence it's best to be on your guard, they are willing to do anything to win, it's the same for college, those that focus on education and creating a career were able to avoid all the things that could negatively affect them in the future, they say your friends are your worst enemies, why ? because they know all your secrets, and in most cases turn out to use it against you, so you are never really safe, in an argument they just might turn on you and use that information to cause harm to your life, can you imagine working so hard and finally getting your career, only to find out that something you did in the past that could have been avoided had you focus on your career, is now stopping you from success, unless you’re doing it with or for God, also referred as the creator of all things, then you should not participate in the things that can ruin your chances. all these factors most all reputable agencies require of their models, that is because the models are how they make money and if they are not in a career mindset and abstain from these things, then the agency will end up losing profit because they won't be able to depend on you or you don't fulfill your obligations, but it works both ways the model requires the agency to make money so they can create a successful career, so they need to abide by these policies. If you are serious about it, focus on your career, if you get an audition you might have to pass a lie detector, why? no company wants to spend money on photographer, lights, location, permits, hair, makeup, stylist, countless time on selecting the right model, only to find out the model cannot be used, and now they have to try to find someone else, remember this is for Advertising, Magazines, Websites, Events all different types of opportunity, Most wholesome, so it's best to play it safe and not do anything that can ruining your chance. One mistake models make is doing things that will exclude them from other work no matter the age, because the one thing they chose to do, they end up not even being successful at or ruins their life, so what happens? They now give up, why? They shut all the other doors. So for this Reason these policies came into play, 10 wholesome paying jobs especially with the chance to get more is worth more than one bad job that ruins your chances for the rest of your life. So it's best to abide by the policies, in turn this creates a career that won't have any negative effects or regrets.

Let's help each other to become successful. 

Things needed 

First you will need a professional portfolio Pictures: this is comprised of profile pictures, and glamour shots. Anything explicit you choose to send you must shoot yourself, be the only one in it and keep it private. It happens so we decided to provide the best option to keep it secure.

Second is a home video (editing optional by you) and professional video (edited): home video will be comprised of your introduction, brief description, and details about what you desire for your career, examples of your modeling, anything you choose to show of explicit content must not be seen by anyone else, must not have anyone else in the video, you must be 18 years of age, if you send something of sexual nature you must be the only one in it.

Professional Video: you must provide a video that will showcase your modeling skills ( must not have anything inappropriate ). This includes walking the runway, posing, and anything special you have developed, like a signature move that allows you to stand out. Practice the basics of modeling then add your own style to it, this video must be edited. If you need assistance contact us, we provide this service tailor the way we require it to be

Third you will need to provide a video: that details your work history, if none, that is fine, just skip it, we will check any reference provided, so please provide real information.

Forth you must provide your real age, name, and contact information in your email sent to Mis including your Pictures. Create an email that will be used to correspond and you must keep it secure, do not give out your information to anyone else, if you are a talent also, then you must create separate information for the talents side.

To sign up visit : Membership