International Society



´╗┐Let's work together to become stars. 

If you're Skilled in your field of expertise, is of the highest quality, and you have a desire to work for Models International Society, The First thing you must do is sign up, you will be sent an email that you can upload your Pictures and video for your portfolio, this will be what we use when we select, please send your contact information and a detailed list of your qualifications, work history and brief Bio about yourself or company, this page is used for your portfolio, so you can upload your pictures and videos. In order for you to participate you must abide by the policies of Mis or Models International Society, these are set to protect you and ensure that you won't do anything what will compromise your participating. Create a Facebook page, the Facebook page you create is to be set on private at all times, it is to have Models International Society as a friend only, only Mis Audition selector is to be able to view your page, via your friending the Mis Page & Group. You will need to add your portfolio pictures and videos to the page, none of your social media or anything else is to show anything inappropriate, why? In case they can be used to stop you from generating income or be used against you in other ways. create an email that you must only use with MIS.

Professionals required :

Models : to teach the basic foundations.

Acting : to teach the basic foundations 

Performance Advisors : to teach the basic fundamentals of performing and to give advice on the talents strengths, weaknesses and how to improve.

Voice Teachers : to teach the basic fundamentals of singing.

Dance Instructors : of different ranges to teach the fundamentals of dance. 

Photographers : to teach the basics of a photo shoot, set up, what types of problems arise and how to best work together. 

Videographers : to teach the basics of a video shoot, set up, what types of problems arise and how to best work together.

Events Organizers : to teach basics of Organizing events and how best to work together to accomplish a successful event.

If  your Profession allows for you the Opportunity, you can get Hired to provide services required, it's easy just sign up, if your skills qualify you to be hired then you can get selected based on the range your evaluated, this will provide you opportunities to earn besides teaching.